February 06, 2012

Teach-in Photos

Here a few highlights from the teach-in last weekend. The full albums can be found here and here.

Guests register at the GSU College of Education. Participants received free materials, a copy of a censored book (Message to Atzlan or Rethinking Columbus), and Georgians for Freadom notebooks and pens.

The opening session featured opening remarks a GSU welcome from Dean Randy Kamphaus, opening marks from Alyssa Hadley Dunn, spoken word by Mari Ann Roberts, a group icebreaker, and a reading of select quotations from censored books.

Virtual guests joined the crowd via Skype. Our guests included two Tucson teachers, Jose Gonsalez and Norma Isela, and a Tucson student, Nico Dominguez. Writers Jeff Biggers and Debbie Reese also provided important remarks. The panel was moderated by Stephanie Behm Cross and Erica Dotson.

During the small breakout session, participants chose between three sessions. The group above engaged in a social justice lesson planning workshop.

Another session focused on legislative action. Participants discussed issues related to educational policy and immigration in Georgia and wrote letters to policymakers, legislators, school administrators, and other stakeholders.

A third option for participants was to discuss one of the censored books in a small group. Different groups were led by members of Georgians for Freadom and supporting faculty and students from GSU. Groups focused on Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Rethinking Columbus, The House on Mango Street, Fire Like Me, Borderlands, and Lies My Teacher Told Me.

The closing general session offered participants a chance to consider ways to affect change within their individual spheres of influence. Everyone was invited to come forward and share their "pledges" and steps for action. The day concluded with closing remarks and a raffle.

Additional photos will be posted soon.
Video is also forthcoming!
Stay tuned!

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