February 05, 2012

Feedback from Teach-in: What did you think?

We have gathered some initial responses to the teach-in that were posted on our Facebook wall or sent by email. We are overjoyed at everyone's positive responses and commitment to fight for social justice. Here is what some of our attendees (in-person and virtual) said about yesterday's teach-in.

Comments from in-person attendees:

· Great job! Very informative and extremely well-organized!

· It was awesome!!!! Thanks for all your hard work.

· I was so inspired to help with this cause! I met great people and the event was organized very clearly and effectively for such short notice. Good job! I am so glad I was there today.

· What an amazing event--thanks! The speakers were incredible. You all collaborated and mobilized resources extremely effectively and efficiently. I hope we can continue to nourish the seeds that were planted and put an end to the denial of human rights, critical thinking, and the democratic participation of all members of our communities.

· GREAT job today! I am amazed this was put together in just 2 weeks. I left educated and empowered. I pledge to take this information to my school staff, my students, my parents, and friends. Teachers make miracles happen everyday in the classroom...imagine if we actually got organized to make change happen on a broader scale!

· What a wonderful, inspiring event. Many thanks to all that went in it, it was fantastic!

· What a great event! One of my fave quotes of the day was from Jose- I didn't write down the exact quote, but he said if you're doing what you really should be doing as a teacher for your particular kids, you will probably be targeted as "one to watch" to be fired.

· Thank you for providing an amazing workshop that encouraged, celebrated, & supported so many voices!

· Still in the zone from today's teach-in! What a blessing to always be surrounded by folks who are willing to speak truth to power!

· Cointelpro is alive and well in Tucson! Absolutely enraged and inspired from today's teach-in! Stand up, peoples! They're comin' for us yet again!

· In the 90's, when I was teaching and organizing, I re/read Pedagogy of the Oppressed, by Paulo Freire and used Rethinking Columbus: The Next 500 Years, by Bill Bigelow. I would be an entirely different person today (and not in a good way) had those books not been made available to me. Today, we stand in solidarity with the peoples (la gente!) of Tucson!

· Thanks so much to everyone involved. The TeachIn today made me proud to be a teacher! #thinkteachdo

· Thanks to the Georgians for fREADom for organizing the teach-in today. I am amazed and outraged about the censorship happening in Arizona.

· It was such an inspiring event. Thanks so much to those who initiated, organized, and will keep us informed! :-)

· What an awesome day!! Successful Teach-in on Tuscon event. Looking forward to more events with an awesome group of socially-minded people! =D

· "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

… So pleased with the results of Georgians for fREADom's phenomenal teach-in on Tucson and so lucky to be in the company of caring, committed, and inspiring teachers and activists.

· With two weeks of preparation a group of committed educators and activist create this! Proof that change doesn't necessarily take time...just WILL!

Comments from Virtual Guests:

· Awesome session folks! Hooray for the Teach-in! Here's to many more!

· I watched the event Teach, Think Do: Teach-In On Tucson! on ustream and vow to challenge Georgia's immigration laws that disallow hispanic students from attending colleges in this state due to undocumented citizenship. When they have lived there whole life in America i there parents have work here, and serve as labors for this country I think its a sham. I would also continue to make connections in my curriculum and teaching in the arts to social justice or culturally responsive pedegogy for all communities.

· Great turnout and seriously really great work. I aspire to be academics like you.

· First of all Great Job on your big event on Saturday. I am a student at Columbia University, and am planning events similar to what you have plan. Your organized group was extremely inspiring… As a member in many multicultural groups, I can speak for the group I'm working with about being in solidarity with Georgians for fREADom. We think you all are awesome.

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